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The La​w Office of Denise M. Lagway

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Criminal Law

Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges, then you need a criminal defense attorney. A criminal conviction is a serious matter. You don’t want to go to court alone and unprepared to face possibly a conviction that can wreak havoc on your life with jail time, lost job opportunities, and suffer long term financial hardship, among other things.

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to do what is best for you or your love one. At the Law Office of Denise M. Lagway, we will defend you, protect your legal rights and safeguard your interests to achieve the best positive outcome for your situation. We will advise you and guide you through the criminal justice system​, explaining the nature of your charge(s), and any available defenses. You must know of any plea offers from the State and the Law Office of Denise M Lagway will counsel you of your options and consequences. In the end, it is your decision as to what you want to do.

We represent adults and juveniles charged with misdemeanors and felony offenses like the following:

Assaults                          Burglary                  Criminal Trespass               Credit /Debit Card Abuse        Disorderly Conduct           Domestic Violence

Drugs Possession          DWI, DUI                 Evading                             Forgery                                     Failure to Identify                Injury to a Child

Theft                              Terroristic Threats    Weapons Charge     

Juvenile Law

Your kid in trouble with the law? In Texas, any crime committee by a person under 17 years of age is charged as a juvenile in the juvenile justice system. Sometimes the court may force a juvenile to be tried as an adult in the adult system. The juvenile criminal justice system has different rules and laws from the adult system. If your child is accused of a crime then this is not the time to teach them a lesson. He or she may be facing serious consequences of a juvenile conviction. So you need a good lawyer to represent your child.

The Law Office of Denise M. Lagway represents juveniles and their families through the difficult and confusing Juvenile Justice System. We know it is m​ore than just a juvenile case, it’s his or hers future at stake. Safeguard your child’s future for job and educational opportunities. Contact us.

Juvenile Offenses



Property Damage


Disorderly Conduct

Possession of Marijuana

Minor in Possession


Property Damage


A crime committed by a persona minor, a person under the age of 17 can be expunged. Just like an adult expunction, the minor must meet certain guidelines and followed certain procedures before a court will grant the request to expunge a juvenile record. The request for a juvenile expunction must be made after the person has reached the age of majority, age 18

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Motions to Adjudicate                              Motion to Revoke                                       Parole Revocation

If you have been convicted of crime, out on probation or parole and you made a mistake then contact the Law Office of Denise M. Lagway for help in trying to keep you out of jail. While violating the terms of your probation or parole can result in severe penalties, it does not mean you automatically go to jail or back to prison.

The Law Office of Denise M. Lagway offers the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney with parole revocation, motion to adjudicate and motion to revoke probation hearings. There are various ways one can overcome parole or probation violations. At the Law Office of Denise M Lagway we understand our clients may have made poor decisions. Our goal is making sure that our clients gets a second chance to make better decisions because we know that jail time does not help or improve anyone’s life. You or your loved one have a future and it is not behind bars.

Expunctions and Non-Disclosures

You did not get that job or place that was perfect for you. Maybe it’s not your credit history but your criminal record that is preventing your achievement of the successful life.

Everyone, at some point, has made a bad mistake or has been in the wrong place at the wrong time resulting in trouble. Unfortunately, trouble can result in a criminal record reflecting an arrest, charge or conviction. In Texas, if you were charged with an offense that was later dismiss then you may be eligible to have your record expunged or sealed.

Expunctions- Expunction better known as an expungment allows a person who has been arrested, charged with a crime or convicted to permanently remove information about an arrest, a charge or conviction from their permanent criminal record. Once the record is expunged or wiped clean, then all information is gone and the person can legally deny the event happened.

While most convictions cannot be removed from a person’s record, Texas law does allow individuals to sealed or not disclose information about an arrest, charge or conviction from their permanent records in certain circumstances.

Non-disclosure- A nondisclosure order does not completely destroy all record of any offense, but will limit the accessibility of the records. Records subject to a nondisclosure order are removed from public record and cannot be released or accessed by certain private parties. However, the records will remain available to government agencies and will be admissible in certain court actions.

If you think that you may qualify for an expunction or a non-disclosure, than contact the Law Office of Denise M. Lagway. Free consultation to determine if you qualify for an expungment or non-disclosure.

Information provided by this website is for general purposes only. It is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be use as legal advice for any situation. Free consultation does not establish a client-attorney relationship. The Law Office of Denise M. Lagway can only give legal advice after a client-attorney relationship has been formed.